Lio Rush Talks Episode 7 Of ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ And His Exit From The Game

Lio Rush gives his thoughts on episode 7 of ‘The Challenge Double Agents’. He talks about Leroy’s elimination win, Devin’s Gameplay, and his exit from the game. 

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Posted On: January 29th, 2021 12:19 pm pst

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The Challenge Double Agents

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Tensions were on the rise during Wednesday nights episode of The Challenge: Double Agents.

Challenge Rookie Lio Rush, joined Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News to discuss episode 7, as well as his exit from the game. 

The episode started with the aftermath of Theresa and Jay’s decision to send Kam intio elimination against Ashley. Even though Kam won, earning her gold skull, both her and Leroy were still not happy about the decision that was made, leaving Jay and Theresa on the outs. 

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“They have their reasonings for wanting to be pissed off at Jay. It was a good game move. Theresa and Jay had a plan, they executed it, and it worked, but you also have to think when you’re making decisions like that. All though you might execute a plan that you want to happen within that week you still have to deal with what comes with that next week, because clearly you lied to people. They had a reason to be pissed off, but Jay also is playing the game,” said Rush.

During The Challenge, the women proved they were a force to be reckoned with after they had to hang onto a net above water that was attached to a flying helicopter. The last one standing was the winner. Kaycee won the first heat, while Theresa won the second heat. With the exception of Jay, when it came to the men the majority were disqualified due to not trying to knock anyone off. In the end Kaycee won, making her and Leroy the winners of the challenge, but not before T.J. laid one into the guys telling them how disappointed he was in them for not giving it their all. 

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“I think I would have gone all out. I think it’s easy to kind of look at that and say these guys are playing a strategic game, and they didn’t want to mess up alliances, but being completely honest, if you want to look at who did something and who didn’t. Jay is a rock climber, he’s super comfortable in an environment like that, with the other guys, they probably didn’t want to move because they were scared they were going to slip and fall without anybody even touching them.” Said Rush.  

Back in the house tensions were on a high, and arguments broke out between Fessy and Devin. Iit didn’t stop there, Kyle jumped into the mix defending Devin, which caused Josh to jump in and defend Fessy urging him not to let Devin provoke him. 

“I don’t think Devin is playing a scared game, a lot of people say that he’s a very bold person, and brash about certain things. I think that’s the perfect mentality and characteristics to have while playing this game. I think Devin likes creating chaos around him, not just the situation, but I think he likes throwing off everybody, by doing something that everybody is going to react to.” 

During the elimination Jay learns that he will be going in. Leroy decides to go in against Jay in hopes to beat him and earn his gold skull. In the end Leroy claimed victory, sending Jay home, something that Lio says was not a surprise to him. 

“I think Leroy already won the psychological game before he even went into elimination. Jay probably felt a certain way. Even though Jay is super athletic and could probably win a lot of those eliminations where you’re climbing or hanging upside down. I just feel psychologically Leroy probably had him, obviously because of what Jay and Theresa did the week before,” said Rush. 

When it comes to Lio’s time in the game, he doesn’t regret the way he left. He decided to exit the game during episode 6 to focus on his mental health. Since his departure he’s been getting nothing but positive support. 

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“It was a very hard decision to make. I definitely wanted to stay, but there were so many things that made me come to the decision of leaving. The biggest thing when it came to me leaving was my mental health. I think it was good I was able to recognize where I was mentally and how I felt in knowing my limit at that very moment, and saying that I have to take a step back.. Hopefully I’ll be able to come back for another season once I’m in the right mindset and win.” Said Rush “I didn’t expect the positive responses that it would get. I was afraid to watch that episode, because I didn’t know how they were going to air it. I’m glad it ended up being a really good thing for me and everybody watching, because I think that it touched a lot of people.”

With Lio being a professional wrestler, the question had to be asked if he thinks he could beat Fessy in an elimination. This comes after Fessy said no one in the history of The Challenge can beat him with the possible exception of C.T.

“If it was a hall brawl, probably not. I was an amature wrestler when I was in high school. I was taught that anybody could be beaten within any given day. Everybody has a weakness, and those eliminations are so unpredictable, you never know who is going to have the advantage in what. If it came down to me and Fessy in something, I do have the probability of beating him,” said Lio. 

Don’t expect for Lio to go anywhere anytime soon. When it comes to life outside The Challenge, The professional wrestler  is keeping busy.

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“A Lot of things are up in the air right now, I’m just taking advantage of all the opportunities I have. What’s next is my music, I’m starting a podcast with my wife, I’m still going to be wrestling, not as much, but I’m still going to try to be as active as I can, because I have a son on the way.”

 To catch the full interview with Lio Rush, check out Challenge Reality News below. 

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