“Life’s a Circus” Season 2 Episode 3 ‘Worst Bakers In America’ Review

Join us as we break down this week’s episode of Worst Bakers In America- “Life’s a Circus!” Hosts Princess Carroll and Chelsie Overocker will talk about the growth of each contestant and who left us this week.

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If you loved watching a bunch of Americans who didn’t know how to cook learn to in a short amount of time, then you’ll absolutely love the baking addition! On the AFTERBUZZ TV WORST BAKERS IN AMERICAN AFTER SHOW PODCAST , each week our hosts will break down the challenges these bakers face and give their thoughts on who should take home the cash prize and who should be sent packing! Plus they show us some of the worlds craziest cakes in their special segment!

After several seasons of putting some of America’s worst cooks through boot camp, Food Network turns its attention to bad bakers. Master cakemaker Duff Goldman and cookbook author Lorraine Pascale serve as mentors to the recruits, who are looking to improve their sweet-making skills. The recruits are split into two teams and put through a series of elimination challenges over the course of six weeks that include making a classic sugar cookie and decorating wedding cakes. The last baker remaining on each team competes in the ultimate bakery battle in the season finale, which determines the ultimate winner. That person takes home $25,000 and earns bragging rights for his or her mentor.