Lessons We Learned While Watching ‘Felicity’!

Felicity gave us many lessons throughout the years including what we shouldn’t do. Here is specifically what it taught us not to do as a college Freshman.


Maybe you have heard already, perhaps you haven’t, but today I’m about to tell you what NOT to do as a college freshman from inspiration from the 1998-2002 television drama Felicity, which features a young girl who follows her high school crush to college in New York. Freshman year is a tough, transitional time in a young person’s life. The following are Felicity’s mishaps, ranging from totally redeemable mistakes to batshit crazy impulsive decisions–and I get it, we’ve all been there. But if you’re new to college, or looking for some general life advice, join us as I go through some of the lessons we learned from Felicity herself.

Spoilers ahead!

Choose Your High School Crush Over Your Dream University

Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot”

Felicity planned her whole career probably by the time she was eleven. She would have been pre-med at Stanford in the fall had her longtime unrequited love, Ben, not smiled at her when she got the courage to ask him to sign her yearbook. *Sigh* Some mistakes you have to learn for yourself. But then we wouldn’t have Felicity’s adventures at the fictional University of New York, now would we?

Go Through the Confidential Admissions Documents of Your Crush…and Then Tell Him

Season 1 Episode 2 “The Last Stand”

I cannot stress this enough, don’t even get close to a situation where you find yourself having access to confidential files and an incessant need for more information. Trust me, it’s not worth it. Felicity found out that someone requested a copy of her admissions essay so, obviously, thinking it was her crush, Ben, she went and investigated. She ends up finding his essay and even has the gall to ask him about it. When she realizes he has lied in his essay to get into school, it’s too late and she has exposed herself.

If you are going to read someone else’s confidential files, do yourself a favor and keep them confidential.

Get in a Messy Love Triangle with Your Best Friend

Season 1 Episode 22 “Felicity Was Here”

So Felicity literally ditches her lifelong plans to follow her dream guy to his dream school…only to watch her best friend date him first? Seems like a raw deal to me.

There are a few options if you find yourself nearing this situation: Don’t befriend the girlfriend of your crush; tell your friend you like him–especially when they ask! And if none of those work, by all means, stay mad.

In my opinion, like most of Felicity’s mistakes, not being truthful when someone is confronting you honestly is one of her largest faults and sources of her demise.

Hook-Up with an R.A.

Season 1 Episode 10 “Finally”

This one seems fairly obvious, especially if they literally look 30 years old as a Junior in college like Scott Foley did. He may be cute and charming and a “nice guy,” but he is way too old and in a position of mentorship so be sure to set your sights on the cute guy in your Psych class who doesn’t live 5 feet away from you. Who could possibly foresee that getting messy?

Cut Off All Your Hair After a Bad Breakup

Season 2 Episode 3 “Ancient History”

For those of you who weren’t around back in 1999, let me tell you this was one of the biggest beauty scandals on television at the time. And the scandal in question? Keri Russel, who plays Felicity, cut off the most gorgeous, ethereal mane of curly auburn hair for a curly bob that she kept and has kept straight ever since. Can you imagine having this type of hair and having a whole show in which all an audience can do is watch her hair move and sway and she cuts it off? Even fans of the show speculate that the hair transformation severely caused viewership loss and ultimately led to its cancellation. It really makes you wonder.

Ultimately, we love Keri Russel and whatever she wants to do with her hair is fine by me! The backlash is definitely unwarranted, as we have an entire season of her long hair to enjoy, so why criticize what we don’t have?

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