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Episode Recap

Mick pays a visit to his estranged daughter and offers to take her to a roller derby.  When she passes he shows her the Waverider and she says she’ll spend the weekend with him on the ship.

On board the Waverider, Charlie preps to use the Loom of Fate and Gary introduces Ava to his new emotional support dog, Gary Jr.

Charlie says she is ready to begin using the Loom. Astra insists her mother get back brought back first.  Zari wants Behrad brought back first and Ava wants Sara out of her coma.  Charlie settles the debate by choosing then bring Behrad first.  She starts the loom and finds Behrad’s string but has a hard time bringing it back for to all the time travel he’s done as part of the Legends.  Charlie’s attempt ends in a huge explosion of energy and the ship is shut off from any time travel.

Ava shares the news with Sarah who is still in a coma but suddenly wakes up.  Unfortunately, she she is blind but when people touch her she has a vision of the future.  Ava touches her first and Sara sees her dead, the same thing with Constantine. She is reluctant to share with anyone what is happening to her but when Charlie calls her on it Sara tells the Legends that she sees them stabbed in the future.  She then says she must be confined to the med bay so she doesn’t harm anyone.

The rest of the Legends notice that other systems are being shut down.  Gary also finds the case that held the rings of Fate in the waste disposal chute.  As the Legends try to figure out what happened to the rings, Astra is confined behind an energy screen because she can’t be trusted despite her claims of innocence.

Zari looks at video footage of the Waverider trying to locate the person who tools the rings.  She sees the Legends destroying all the systems that have gone down.

Gary visits Sara and gives her Gary Jr to help her.  Sara has a vision of her killing Gary on the orders of Gary Jr.  Sara snaps back to the present and realizes that Gary Jr is the one pushing her to kill everyone.  Gary Jr runs out of the end bay.

Meanwhile Sari realizes that Gary Jr was also at every location a Legend destroyed a ship system.
Gary Jr arrives and convinces Nate to kill Charlie and Zari.  Gary interrupts and tells everyone that he got the dog while they were in hell looking for Astra.

They soon realize the dog is really the dog that talked to the Son of Sam serial killer.  He then transforms into his demon form and attack the Legends who protect himself behind the energy shield holding Astra.

The dog is lose on the Waverider and Sara and Constantine track him.  Sara sees a vision of the dog killing Mick and head to the library to stop that.  Mick protects his daughter from the dog and Constantine stops the dog from killing Mick.

Astra convinces the Legends to let her out of the field because she can stop the dog.  They reluctantly agree and she gives Constantine the dogs true name so he can send the creature back to hell.

The ship is repaired, Mick’s daughter wants to continue building a relationship with Mick and Gary has a support rabbit now.  Unfortunately, Sara’s blindness sees to be permanent.

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