Last Night’s Politically Charged Episode of ‘SNL’

Amidst the current political storm that is the United States, SNL is doing what they do best…comedy!

Last night, viewers who tuned in to Saturday Night Live were in for a treat.

The famous comedy sketch show is known for their hilarious political satire, so it goes without saying presidential elections are prime material. The 2020 presidential election is no exception as it has been unfolding relentlessly over the past week.

With Joe Biden being deemed the projected Presidential elect over current President Donald Trump, tensions are rising between the two parties, and viewers were excited about some well-needed jokes.

So let’s get into a recap of last night’s episode!

Dave Chapelle Opening Monologue

Comedian Dave Chapelle returned to SNL to perform the opening monologue last night. Chapelle took a unique route during his monologue, taking the time to express his thoughts on the Joe Biden news. He stated, “I would implore everybody who’s celebrating today to remember, it’s good to be a humble winner.” He also referenced many of the bad times we’ve had this year, including the pandemic and more.

Weekend Update

Arguably one of the most beloved SNL segments, “Weekend Update” with Michael Che and Colin Jost is always filled with prime one-liner jokes. In this episode, the two delivered election updates while still poking fun at the candidates. They even poke fun at candidate Kanye West! Jost and Che are always hilarious, so you can check out last night’s “Weekend Update” on the SNL Instagram below!

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden

In another hilarious moment, Jim Carrey once again geared up to play Joe Biden, and Maya Rudolph joined his side to star as Kamala Harris. Combined, the two made jokes based on the two’s real speech. We’re always glad to see Rudolph and Carrey and we loved their jokes!

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

The absolutely iconic Alec Baldwin once again starred as Trump in a speech last night. This is a role he has nailed for the past many years. He even got to sing a touching rendition of “Macho Man” on the piano. Baldwin also thanked viewers for tuning in on his own Instagram. Having played the part of Trump for so long, it is a big deal for Baldwin to be retiring the role.

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