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Stroll down into Salem to “dish days” with our hosts on THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES AFTER SHOW. We’ve got the low down on the love lives that are the talk of the town, from the Bradys, to the Hortons and the DiMeras. Tune in weekly for reviews, recaps and in-depth discussions of the latest episodes, as well as the insider scoop from cast and crew members from the show.

Episode Recap

This week on Days of Our Lives we see 54 years of history in the making with the first African American on-air marriage of Eli and Lani! Of course, not without some daytime drama and hiccups like Lani’s mother fainting during the ceremony due to low blood sugar, and then Gabi crashing the wedding in her fabulous icicle jumpsuit. Julie and the guests quickly shut her down and just when poor Lani catches her breath Vivian Alamain returns for revenge! Holding Lani at gunpoint, Lani pleads not just for her life but the life of her unborn child. Thankfully, Rafe steps in and disarms Vivian but nerves are rattled to say the least. Will these two ever get married? YES! Vows are exchanged, brooms are jumped and Lani and Eli share a romantic wedding night. 

Meanwhile, Gabi is freed from charges of poisoning Abigail and is determined to prove Jake’s identity. She gets the DNA results and with Jake present, discovers that he is indeed Stefan O. Dimera. Jake is completely overwelmed and on the suggestion of Gabi meets his mother, Vivian, for the first time while she waits at the police station on charges of attempted murder. He’s convinced Gabby and Vivian are certifiable and flies into the arms of Gwen who won’t give him up without a fight.

Meanwhile against Ben’s wishes, Ciara continues to let Claire act as maid of honor and the two go shopping for wedding dresses. Ciara finds the dress of her dreams and it’s Claire’s responsibility to return the dress to the boutique. Ciara is later told by the boutique that the dress has been found full of nail polish and is destroyed. Cut to Claire doing her nails…is she truly recovered from her breakdown or is she on another revenge plot against Ciara?

Other storylines have Allie wanting to adopt her baby out and choosing Rafe as the most likely candidate, while Will and Sonny step in saying they’d like to adopt the baby.

Kristen surprises Lani with a quick visit to congratulate her and accidentally runs into Brady. Will the two leave town together? Not before Chad finds them and asks for her Dimera shares to give him leverage to ward off Gabby.

Join hosts Tony Moore @lounginwithtony Michael Mattes @mlmattes Chelsie Overocker @chelsieoverocker and Tami Goveia @tamigoveia for ALL the dish plus special guest appearances from Lamon Archey, James Reynold, Vanessa Williams, and Sal Stowers!

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