Lacey Chabert Reflects on How to Handle Holiday Stress

Lacey Chabert shares her stress relief techniques that work best for herself and what stress techniques she thinks would be a good fit for a few characters she has played.

Chabert took to her Instagram this week and stated she does not get stressed out around the holidays because it’s the one time of year to take a deep breath and disconnect from the stuff that does stress you out. It’s the chance for you to spend time with family reminiscing and creating new memories.

Even though the holidays are over we all could use this advice all year around and I’m all ready for Christmas 2020!

Chabert also commented on what stress techniques would work best for characters she has played.

The first one is Angela De Luca in Christmas in Rome. Chabert thinks Angela would bake a lot of Panettone. Mmmm, amorè!

Credit: Nickelodeon

Next is Eliza Thornberry from the The Wild Thornberrys movie. Chabert thinks Eliza would use the animals as her therapist because she can talk with them. That would probably be a stress reliever for me, too!

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Lastly, Chabert thinks Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls would definitely stress eats toaster strudel. Like. a lot. That would be so fetch!

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