Labor of Love S1 E1 Recap & After Show: Who’s Ready to Make Babies?!?

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A lot goes into starting a family, and in this game show, no expense was spared on that front. Join us on the LABOR OF LOVE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we follow Kristin Davis in her pursuit to help a woman find the right man for her. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

We join host Kristin Davis in Atlanta Georgia where single Kristy is on the hunt to find love, and more importantly at this stage in her life, someone to have children with.  She is introduced to fifteen eligible gentlemen who are all ready to start having kids.  But first – we have to be sure that they’re even able – and that means each one has to go into a booth and give a “sample” for a fertility test.  After South African Alan is determined to be the most fertile, everyone is taking back to the two houses they will be living – one for Kristy and one for the guys.  Jason gets sick from having too much to drink – will this hurt him later?  The next day the guys have a BBQ where they guys pull her aside and try to get to know Kristy better.  Some stumble but most impress.  That night is the first elimination – Kristy chooses four men who she needs to talk to some more – this can either be bad or good.  In the end, Tali and Phillip are eliminated.  Will Kristy find the baby daddy of her dreams?  We’ll continue on the journey next week – with some camping!
Hosts:  Mike Thieling, Nate Harris, Lisa Masi

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