Kylie Jenner’s First vs. Second Pregnancy Theories

Kylie Jenner hid Stormi’s pregnancy so well, but now with her second baby on the way, she is less private and confidently walks the streets. Here are some theories about why she is now so public about her pregnancy. 

Stormi’s Birthday: February 1rst, 2018
Video Released: February 4rth, 2018

After hiding her pregnancy for 9 months, Kylie released a sweet video of her baby journey with her baby daddy Travis Scott. It took months and months of staying indoors and wearing loose clothing for her to attempt to hide her pregnancy. She even backed out of their famous yearly family Christmas card photoshoot and many other common family outings, which led to many theories of her being pregnant.

Baby #2
Video released: September 8th, 2021

Kylie might have gotten away with hiding her first pregnancy, but her second was a lot more obvious to fans since her nails are what gave it away on social media. TikTok conspiracies started riling up after fans noticed her nails hadn’t changed in her recent Instagram posts, and stories and nails say a lot. With fans figuring out that she had been posting old pictures, some say it pushed her to embrace her pregnancy and go public for the remainder of her term.

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Since Kylie has already hidden her first pregnancy, it seems like, with her second, she is more willing to share and flaunt her pregnant self through the social media lens. Since her pregnancy announcement this past week, Kylie began posting more with her bump and even showing up to PR events during New York Fashion Week. It would make sense for her to want to share this experience with her fans and live her pregnant life the way she wants in public.

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Since Kylie’s fans were so quick to catch onto her nail conspiracy theory, it also kind of seems like she was left with no other option but to bring her pregnancy out to the public. This time, she hid the beginning stages of her baby journey but didn’t wait as long, making fans think that she might have given up hiding her pregnancy in the end.

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We are so excited for Kylie’s new journey and Stormi becoming an older sister! We cannot wait to see how she is as a sister and hope for the best in her baby journey.

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