Kylie Jenner Celebrates Stormi’s 3rd Birthday

Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, and the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan are celebrating Stormi’s birthday today. We have some of Kylie and Stormi’s cutest moments, as well as how her party will be different this year. 

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Posted On: February 1st, 2021 5:48 pm pst

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The day started off with both parents, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, making heartwarming posts for their daughter on their social media accounts. Kylie shared an emotional montage on her Tik Tok while Travis shared some sweet photos on his Instagram. Since then, Stormi’s aunts and uncles have all been chiming in on social media to wish her a happy birthday.

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While Kylie is known for being the queen of party planning, she went on her instagram story today to share that StormiWorld 3 was cancelled this year due to the pandemic. Even though StormiWorld wasn’t able to happen for the third year in a row, she stated that she still went “all out” for her daughter by throwing a “cousins party.” While we wait to see just how they’ll all be celebrating, here are some of our favorite moments with the internet’s beloved mother-daughter duo! 

Twinning in style

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Nothing is cuter than seeing the mommy-daughter duo in matching outfits. Stormi is following right into her mom’s fashion-forward footsteps! 

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Cover

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Stormi Webster secured her first magazine cover shoot for the July/August 2019 Harper’s Bazaar Arabia issue. Stormi shared the spotlight with her mom, Kylie Jenner, and grandmother, Kris Jenner in the publication.

Met Gala Stormi

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When Stormi wore a custom made mini replica of her mom’s iconic purple Versace Met Gala look in 2019. Stormi’s Halloween costume had everything from the wig to the dress and even the fluffy arm feathers!

Holiday baking videos

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Kylie and Stormi have become popular on YouTube for their baking and cookie decorating videos. When the holidays are around the corner, you can expect to see an adorable video of the duo baking and decorating yummy treats in matching holiday-themed outfits!


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Kudos to Kylie for throwing the most talked about parties for Stormi’s first and second birthday. StormiWorld was a take on her father, Travis Scott’s, Astroworld album and festival. From the rainbow butterfly forest and carnival rides to Stormi’s massive inflatable head and merch collection, this party was truly out of this world. 

Stormi’s patience test

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Stormi had all of our hearts after Kylie shared this video of her doing the Tik Tok patience challenge. After setting down a bowl of chocolates in front of Stormi, Kylie told her to wait until she came back to eat a piece. The video showed an adorable Stormi excitedly eyeing the bowl of candy before chanting “patience” over and over again until her mom came back!

Rise and Shine

When the internet broke when a video of Kylie singing ‘Rise and Shine’ to Stormi went viral.

While we won’t be seeing any StormiWorld 3 pictures tonight, we’re all wishing her a happy and safe birthday!

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