Kyle Capener Talks Racial Comments Toward ‘Big Brother’ Houseguests.

Kyle Capener is the latest Big Brother House Guest to get evicted. He talked to the 29-year-old talked about his comments toward the POC players which has many fans heated.

The latest eviction on Big Brother 24 took a turn from the remaining houseguests playing the game to facing real and important issues that needed to be discussed.

This all comes after Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes decided to reveal comments made by Kyle Capener about the POC houseguest. The 29-year-old Alluded that they were all working together because of their race and tried to ally with the remaining white houseguest to evict them.

After the news was revealed, the houseguests had a meeting, and while they did forgive Kyle for his statements, most of the house concluded that he must be held accountable for his actions, which meant leaving the house.

During the live eviction ceremony, Kyle was evicted by a unanimous vote and became the fourth jury member.

In an exclusive interview, AfterBuzz TV talked to Kyle about whether he felt his comments about the POC contestants were racists, his thoughts on whether Brittany and Michael used this information to benefit their game, and how he plans to do the work to learn from his mistakes. 

Do you think trying to get together the remaining white houseguests to later target the houseguests of color was racist? 

“I made some generalized thoughts early on in the game, mid-game which were definitely wrong and had no grounds in the game of Big Brother. I’ve talked to multiple houseguests and they’ve been so open in helping me understand how that was wrong. I take full ownership moving forward to find the resources necessary to continue this journey. “

Do you think Michael and Brittany relayed information to the house that you wanted an all-white alliance for moral reasons or strategic reasons? 

“I feel like they came out with this information when they felt comfortable.”

You previously made some unfavorable comments about Joseph. What did Joseph do for you to say those things about him?

“Joseph was playing a very hard game, and Dyre fest was so difficult for both of us. I never thought that Joseph and I would be pitted against each other in that situation, and I definitely was just in survival mode to survive the week.”

How will you do the work to learn from this and grow? 

“I take full responsibility, and I feel like this is the beginning of a journey for me, and leaving the house I’m so excited to learn and grow and find resources necessary to help me in that growth.”

What’s one thing you will take away from the Big Brother Experience?

“I think just how amazing the houseguests are, and their lives and compassion for me is probably the main takeaway.”

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