Kim Kardashians Most Relatable Moments!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians has given us many priceless Kim Kardashian quotes and moments. Here are some of our favorites! 

Kim Kardashian never fails to give her fans a good laugh or an iconic one liner. However the superstar might be more relatable than you think. No we don’t all lose million dollar earrings in the ocean or get to pose on red carpets in the most internet breaking outfits, but we’re here to prove at the end of the day, the queen of pop culture is still human. Here are the most relatable Kim Kardashian moments

Kim Hitting Khloe With Her Purse

This fight is an iconic Keeping Up With The Kardashians scene that will go down in history. While the two sisters have not fought like this in years, this viral video reminds us that all sisters fight. One minute you’re swinging your handbag and the next you’re laughing together.

Making TikToks With North

When we’re having a bad day, we can always count on some good Kim and North TikTok content to cheer us up. Kim shows her silly side with her daughter by jumping on the app with her. Whether it’s a makeup routine, a fun game of ping pong, or a dance, Kim always keeps it lighthearted with North.

@kimandnorth♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

@kimandnorth♬ Holy Spirit Activate – Victory Youth

Kim Refusing To Dance

Speaking of dances, in this scene, Kim shows her shy side as she refuses to dance. The typically outspoken star refers to herself as more of a “stage mom” who can’t dance. For non performers, dancing can be one of the most terrifying things, surprisingly even for a Kardashian.

Shamelessly Taking Selfies

Kim is constantly taking selfies no matter the time or place. Even if it’s when her sister is going to jail. Kim doesn’t waste any opportunity to get a good selfie, and we can’t blame her. If there’s good lighting and you have glam on, it only makes sense to snap some selfies. If we’re being honest, we’ve probably taken a few too many selfies also.

Kim And Her Friends Eating Out

Kim goes out for pizza and ice cream with her friends just like we do. She loves a good slice of New York pizza just as much as the next person. To prove it, Kim stopped by two different pizza places and even went for some ice cream afterwards. Although there were giant groups of people hoping to get a glimpse of the icon in the pizza joints, the rest is about as normal as you can get.

Saying What We’re All Thinking

​​”I’ll cry at the end of the day. Not with fresh makeup.”

This iconic tweet sums up how all of us feel. It takes a lot of work to get even eyeliner. No one, including Kim, wants mascara running down their face.

“Shopping online is like the greatest invention of life,”

In an episode of KUWTK Kim hit us with this great and very true line. Everyone can appreciate online shopping, especially Kim!

Apologizing To Her Sisters

After lying to Kendall and Kylie, Kim expressed her sincere apologies and explained that she was only trying to protect their feelings. Sisters have to look out for each other, and in this heartwarming moment, we see how much Kim is there to support her little sisters.

Being A Good Mom To North

Kim always puts her daughter, North first. Whether the two are twinning in the cutest outfits, or spending quality time together, you can always catch North right by Kim’s side.


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Falling Out Of Her Chair

Topping off Kim Kardashian’s most relatable moments is this one. In this KUWTK scene, Kim falls right off her chair while she and her sister laugh. It’s normal to be clumsy, and it’s even better to know that our most elite celebs aren’t immune to gravity either.

We hope you enjoyed these relatable Kim Kardashian moments and know that you can totally relate to our favorite billionaire Kardashian.

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