Killjoys S:4 | O Mother, Where Art Thou? E:7 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

Hosting tonight is Stephen Lemieux and Shannon O’Connor! Enjoy the Killjoys Review & After Show for Season 4 episode 7 “O’ Mother, Where Art Thou?”

Killjoys stayed right on Track this week as we get a HUGE REVEAL! Whose face was the spy that Khlyen put into Dutch’s memory?! IT WAS ANEELA’S MOM! WHAT?!!? Also! She’s been in a Cryo-tube for 250 years guarding the ONE TRUE Plasma fountain! Khlyen has the solution to killing the lady, but to do so would destroy everyone who’s hullen… Will Aneela, Dutch, and the team find a way to get rid of the lady without resorting to using the poison?? We’re going to find out! Also; Where did D’avin run too? Turns out, he went home!… and he’s got company? Uh oh. Where did Delle Seyah go? How will Jaq react to being chased? How’s Pip handling being Spiderman? Meanwhile at the Rac, luckily Pree and Gared are reunited safe and sound except for a few days missing. Could that mean something? Could Gared have a spider like Pip? Could they have changed him some how? Thankfully Weej saves the day and we get back to the rac in time to now figure out a plan to save the kids! “They’re my guys!”


Things are heating up in the final 2 seasons of Killjoys. What will happen when Dutch and the Lady come to blows?! Will the quad survive?! Our team’s breaking down each episode with insightful yet comedic commentary plus all those zany predictions you’ve learned to love. If there is anyone you’d like us to have on our KILLJOYS AFTER SHOW let us know in the comments! Hit subscribe for exclusive guest interviews, commentary, and more!

Killjoys follows a trio of hard-living but fun-loving bounty hunters – John, D’avin and Dutch – taking on interplanetary missions, chasing and capturing deadly criminals throughout a distant system, named the Quad. During such missions, they have sworn between each other to remain neutral at the prospect of a bloody, multi-planetary class war, threatening to destroy the Quad.

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