Killjoys S:4 | Baby, Face Killer E:6 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

His name… Is Jaq! With NO APOSTROPHES! That’s right! Killjoys is back with a brand new episode, the boy has a name, and the doors are BLOWN WIDE OPEN with craziness! Khlyen’s clue leads the team to an assassin organization with a ‘divine purpose’ – does that mean they serve the Lady? Certainly looks that way! Davin is struggling to be the father he never had; while Jaq is struggling to meet Dutch’s expectations through training. Davin has a great moment with Dutch where he puts his foot down on how Jaq should be raised; and Johnny give Dav the extra brotherly love we’ve come to expect. Meanwhile we have Zeph and Pip battling the knowledge of having a robotic spider in his head; but as Zeph tells him she’ll trust him even with it; she reveals that time is of the essence as if the spider dies… pip dies… and unfortunately, the spider is created like an iPhone: It’s gonna die quickly. Lastly, Pree and Fancy team up with Turin for a plan to find out where the kids- and gare-bear- have been taken! Using the infrared handprint; they let Pree get kidnapped and discover that the Rac is less exploded than previously thought; with an extra dose of severed limbs and gore! Hooray! Pree proving once again that just like Lucy, he’s a no-mess bitch. The update on DelleSeyah is that she’s not actually going to Qresh… where’s she going? Let us know your thoughts! Also, comment with what you think is happening with Dutch and Aneela! We’re breaking it all down on the After Show for Killjoys Season 4 Episode 6 “Baby, Face Killer”! Hosting tonight is Stephen Lemieux @StephenLemieux and Shannon O’Connor @ShanOhCee!!!


Things are heating up in the final 2 seasons of Killjoys. What will happen when Dutch and the Lady come to blows?! Will the quad survive?! Our team’s breaking down each episode with insightful yet comedic commentary plus all those zany predictions you’ve learned to love. If there is anyone you’d like us to have on our KILLJOYS AFTER SHOW let us know in the comments! Hit subscribe for exclusive guest interviews, commentary, and more!

Killjoys follows a trio of hard-living but fun-loving bounty hunters – John, D’avin and Dutch – taking on interplanetary missions, chasing and capturing deadly criminals throughout a distant system, named the Quad. During such missions, they have sworn between each other to remain neutral at the prospect of a bloody, multi-planetary class war, threatening to destroy the Quad.

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