Killing Eve S3 E5 Recap & After Show: Home Is Where the Heart is.... if you have one.

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Have you ever been stalked by a serial killer and then fallen somewhat in love with your stalker? Every week our hosts will give their thoughts on the episode and also on Eve and Villanelle’s unhealthy obsession with each other. We will also be bringing you news and gossip and our predictions about what will happen next! Be sure to subscribe and comment to stay up to date with all things Killing Eve! Who knows? We might even have some cast members on the show.

Season 3 Episode 5 ‘ “Are You From Pinner” is all about Villanelle’s trip home to Mother Russia.  She finds her family’s home and just walks in.  She has 2 brothers and a stepbrother.  Her younger brother B’orka is obsessed with Elton John and seems to admire Villanelle.  Her older Poytr also seems to idolize her as well.  Her mother left her as a child and by the end of the episode asks her to leave since she is not part of this family and brings “the darkness”.  In the end, she blows up the house but spares her two brothers.

This Aftershow was hosted by Erika Edwards and Mia Brabham

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