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AFTERBUZZ TV – Justified edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of FX’s Justified. In this show, host John Comerford breaks down the season 4 episode in which Raylan and Art learn that Drew is refusing his deal for WITSEC unless he knows for sure that Ellen May is safe. Meanwhile, Augustine tells Johnny that Theo Tonin, the Detroit mob boss, has heard from his informants that Drew won’t enter protective custody to testify against Tonin unless Ellen May is safe. Augustine gets Johnny to help retrieve Ellen May. Johnny calls Limehouse, but Limehouse refuses to cooperate. Augustine then offers to give Boyd $300,000 to buy back Ellen May and in exchange, he will hand over Johnny. Raylan, Rachel, and Tim head to the holler where Limehouse denies Ellen May is on the property, but dares them to search. Ava, who snuck in through a back entrance, offers the $300,000 to Limehouse, but he tells Ava he released Ellen May. Ava and Colt head to the church from separate originiation points, while Boyd, Augustine, and Picker head to Nicky Cush’s house to find Ellen May. Cush confesses Ellen May is at the church after Boyd shoots him in the foot and presses against the wound. At the church, Ava gets there first and overhears Ellen May confessing Delroy’s murder to Cassie, as well as her participation in the disposal of his body. Ava finds herself unable to kill Ellen May, so Boyd instead instructs Colt to do the deed. Tim arrives at the church just as Colt prepares to kill Ellen May. The two have a stand off and Tim guns Colt down in self-defense after Colt raises his gun. Raylan arrives and takes Ellen May into custody, where she is reunited with Drew at the Marshals’ office. Boyd and Ava decide their last play is to move and hide Delroy’s body to avoid incrimination now that Ellen May is in custody. Later, a delivery man sets up a rocking chair for Winona. The delivery man is revealed to be Picker, Augustine’s henchman as the episode closes. There to help John are co-hosts Steve Bottomley, Joe Braswell, and Tamara Berg. It’s Justified’s “Peace of Mind” podcast!

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