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AFTERBUZZ TV – Justified edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of FX’s Justified. In this show, host John Comerford breaks down the season 4 episode in which with scrutiny of a 30-year old case involving a dead parachutist increasing, prisoner Arlo Givens, Raylan’s father, decides to disclose the location of Drew Thompson for a full pardon. Raylan doesn’t want this to happen, so he intensifies his search for Drew Thompson so that his father’s information is no longer valuable, thereby removing his father’s play to get out of jail. Detroit mobsters also want to find Drew Thompson for assorted reasons. First, Drew Thompson’s former wife said Thompson witnessed head gangster Tonin kill a federal witness. Second, a Tonin henchman says Thompson previously shot Tonin in the eye. Last, the drugs displayed in the first scene of the current season apparently disappeared. The Detroit criminals enlist Wynn Duffy, a member of a southern criminal organization, to help find Thompson. Duffy gets the help of Harlan County criminal boss Boyd Crowder to find Thompson. Raylan finds the girl that broke into Arlo’s house earlier to find out who put her up to the job. She points Raylan in the direction of her stepfather, Josiah Cairn (Gerald McRaney). Cairn tells Raylan that Drew Thompson is with the hill people. Raylan goes to the hills, but is set up to get killed by the hill people because Cairn called them and told them to kill Raylan. After Raylan manages to escape, he returns to Cairn’s house at night. Instead of finding Cairn, Raylan finds Cairn’s severed foot. There to help John are co-hosts Steve Bottomley, Joe Braswell, and Tamara Berg. It’s Justified’s “Kin” podcast!

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