Justified S:3 | Thick as Mud E:5 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Justified edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of FX’s Justified. In this show, host Phil Svitek breaks down the season 3 episode in which after Devil’s demise, Quarles extends an offer of partnership to Boyd Crowder. However, Boyd refuses Quarles’ offer, calling him a “carpetbagger” (someone from the north who uses southern workers for profit), which Quarles seems to take offense to. Limehouse reveals to his associates that he was lying to Dickie about the status of the Bennett fortune, and that he has a woman on his payroll who has a connection to one of Quarles’ underlings. Meanwhile, Dewey Crowe is in a race against time to collect $20,000 for a sadistic organ harvester, or else succumb to kidney failure. After robbing a series of odd locations with varying success, Raylan tracks Dewey down to a convenience store, where he helps the frightened Crowe realize that he still has his kidneys. Raylan goes to the organ traffickers house to investigate, and manages to turn the tables on the traffickers, leaving both of them dead. Raylan returns home to find his house empty, and reads a letter, presumably left by Winona. There to help Phil is co-host Steve Bottomley. It’s Justified’s “Thick as Mud” podcast!

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