Justified S:3 | The Man Behind the Curtain E:7 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Justified edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of FX’s Justified. In this show, host John Comerford breaks down the season 3 episode in which a wounded Tanner shows up at Limehouse’s hollow, begging for forgiveness for letting Raylan get involved. Limehouse forgives him and lets Tanner lick his wounds, only if he agrees to provide information on Quarles’ movements. They are interrupted by a disoriented Arlo, who is off his meds and thinks his late wife (Raylan’s mother) is hiding with Limehouse again. An annoyed Limehouse knocks Arlo out and delivers the old man to Boyd. As Raylan tries to adjust to life without Winona, Quarles gets on his bad side when he approaches Raylan assuming he’s on Boyd Crowder’s payroll. Quarles also enlists the Sheriff of Harlan to disrupt Johnny’s bar, which causes Boyd to reach out to someone he’s helped in the past. Raylan finds out from an exasperated Tim that Quarles is meeting with the son of Detroit’s biggest racketeer, and interrogates him at the horse stables, where he finds out that the Detroit mob has been experiencing problems with Quarles as well, and want him gone. With this blessing, Raylan uses a judge to shut down Quarles’ developing underground clinic, which causes Quarles and Duffy to smoke out Winona’s ex-husband Gary. There to help John are co-hosts Steve Bottomley and Tamara Berg. Also joining in this week is special guest Terence Bernie Hines (actor from A Thousand Words, the Eddie Murphy film). It’s Justified’s “The Man Behind the Curtain” podcast!

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