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AFTERBUZZ TV – Justified edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of FX’s Justified. In this show, host Phil Svitek breaks down the episode in which Raylan defies his fellow marshals in order to look into an attempt on his and Winona’s lives, a move that brings him back into contact with her ex-husband Gary and Dixie Mafia lieutenant Wyn Duffy (Jere Burns). Raylan discovers that Gary has ordered the hit and figures out that Gary will be killed by Duffy once the hit is carried out. Raylan then saves Gary and tells him to leave Harlan and never return. Boyd enlists Arlo in a move against Dickie’s drug dealing business and hijacks a deal (Boyd did not wear a mask, while his three accomplices, including Arlo, did). Dickie identifies Arlo as one of the masked accomplices based on Arlo’s limp. When Dickie goes to Arlo’s house at 2am to find Arlo, he ends up killing Helen. There to help Phil is co-host John Comerford. It’s Justified’s “Full Commitment” episode!

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