Just Another Tuesday – S1 E1 ‘Run’ After Show

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An HBO Dark Comedy Thriller?

We’re in.

If you made a pact with your friend from 17 years ago that if they texted you “RUN” you’d both drop everything and go; would you still do it?

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In the series premiere of HBO’s newest show, RUN, we meet Rudy Richardson on a Tuesday morning as she is shaken out of her humdrum life after receiving an urgent text to “RUN”. This prompts her to fly to NY and board a cross-country train where she is reunited with college ex Billy Johnson, a now motivational speaker/writer. As their adventure begins, Rudy and Billy fight the tension that still exists between them, while attempting to root out each other’s secrets – even though they’ve both agreed to place a moratorium on personal information. Rudy takes a call from her worried spouse, out of sight from Billy, who believes she’s left him on the train. To Billy’s surprise, Rudy comes back on the train, out of breath and smiling, only to find Billy in tears and desperately happy to see her.”

Hosts: Adiamond Baker, Kelsey Meyer, Nadja Welton, Sean McHugh

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