Just another fun day in Ozark Land… – S3 E6 ‘Ozark’ Recap & Review

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As one of Netflix’s top shows, Ozark definitely has a reputation for being a great show to talk about with your friends. Now with the OZARK AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW, you can join us every week to discuss the episodes and break down your favorite moments! Will Marty ever get out from under the shady dealings? Will his family ever forgive him for what they’ve had to do? Will they even survive the ordeal? Tune in for more discussion and even potential special guests! Also, stay up to date with all the juicy news and gossip!

Episode Recap

We start with Marty and Wendy in therapy which quickly turns into a release of repressed anger and resentment, which then turns into true confessions.  This is al sparked by the true OG of the show, the therapist Sue Shelby, when she reveals to them that they are both paying her off. This is going to cost Marty a “shit load.”  The kids are being kids, getting into trouble at the lake with Tommy the mini-mobster. Erin is dead set on loosing her virginity, and we see how good of a marksman Jonah is. This of course all leads to them getting arrested.  Marty is making nice with Mayra, but some unknown black SUV is following him. Darlene and her poppies want to be back in business with the cartel, but Helene ain’t got no time for that. Meanwhile, back on the Snell farm, Wyatt and Darlene invite Three over for dinner and offer him a job and a new home.  Three smells something fishy, and immediately tells Ruth. Ruth pleads with Wyatt to come back home, but Wyatt puts her on blast and says he’s finally happy. He tells her “You ruined my life!” This sends Ruth into the loving arms of Ben, and we finally get a passionate love scene. We end with Ruth, unknowingly being followed by Ben and Jonah’s drone, at the drop where 3 SUV’s pull up and take out the mini-mobster and his crew, and blow up the drop.  Luckily, Ruth was out of site.

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