Julie Chen and CBS Tease 20th Anniversary Big Brother Season

Julie Chen is back at it again with the mysterious posts! We’re investigating what THIS could mean. Plus, former Big Brother champs are rallying for an all-winners season and this time, they have a GOOD reason to.

In 2020 I’ve vowed to amp up my Big Brother obsession.

One person who’s doing a good job in keeping me obsessed is Julie Chen. More specifically, Julie Chen’s Instagram. I’ve been losing sleep over her recent post which showed the Big Brother set, fully lit, in the middle of January.

Just adding to the suspense are some of these comments! Tyler Crispen saying “Home”, Kaycee Clark with the eye emoji, Josh Martinez asking if he can move back in!

Is an all-winners season coming this summer? This season WILL mark 20 years since Big Brother premiered. Wonder who would win that one. I think Kaitlyn Herman, now she never actually won the show but she’s been hanging out with Big Brother winner Morgan Willett a lot lately and I hear she’s been practicing her puzzles. #Kaitlyn2020

Not only are cryptic Instagram posts hinting at something different coming this summer, but former BB winners are pointing to the 20th year of Survivor as inspiration for the 20th year of Big Brother.

This year, Survivor announced an All-Winners season called “Survivor: Winners At War” to celebrate it’s 20th year on air.

“That was a CBS decision and they never hesitated.” host Jeff Probst told Entertainment Weekly, “They know what a milestone it is for Survivor to reach its 20th year and 40th season. We all want to celebrate!”

Ummm hello! Big Brother fans wanna celebrate 20 years too! Just look at what former winners Derrick Levasseur and Josh Martinez said.

Derrick tweeted “Survivor: Winners at War?! For 2 million?!” while Josh wrote “I’m so hyped for this, I need my people over at CBS Big Brother to take notes.”

You know they’d be down for a winners season. There are 22 people who have won Big Brother, including all-stars and OTT seasons. 22 houseguests can work! Not anything a couple surprise double evictions can’t fix.

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