Joseph Allen Talks Episode 5 Of ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’

Joseph Allen weighs in on episode 5 of The Challenge Double Agents, Including his thoughts on Big T’s gameplay, the elimination between Aneesa and Tori, plus some sick music with fellow challengers Jay Starrett and Lio Rush.

Episode 5 of The Challenge: Double Agents was full of twists and turns, with fans of the show saying goodbye to another vet and hello to a fan favorite making her way back into the game.

Joseph Allen talked with Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News about some of the biggest moments that went down during the insane episode.

Viewers were able to see the aftermath of Fessy going into elimination against Nelson and let’s just say Cory was not happy about The Big Brother alum’s decision and decided to call him out on his actions.

“I see it from both perspectives when it comes to Fessy. From a personal standpoint, it’s a game. Even in conversations that Fessy and I would have off camera, one of the main things he would talk about is if there ever is a hall brawl or anything that’s right up his alley. Because of that, I understand from his perspective where this is an opportunity for him to secure something that’s needed for a final.” He continued, “But then again, you can also see where Cory is coming from because it’s like ok, Fessy you saw an opportunity, but you also saw a friend down there. I think it all came down to Fessy weighing his options, and deciding what’s more important, the friendship or the chance to get a skull. People don’t realize there is nothing fake on this show, everyone’s adrenaline is pumping during moments like eliminations, and you have to think right on the spot.”

One surprising twist many did not see coming was Ashley Mitchell making a surprise return to the game. This was all due to Natalie Anderson having to leave the competition. Natalie revealed on an Instagram post that she found out she was pregnant, and after she returned home, she suffered a miscarriage.

“It’s a very unfortunate situation, and all we can do is hope for the best. She’s very mentally strong, and that’s definitely a challenge in itself with what she’s going through. I think we all know she would have kept dominating if she was able to stay.”

One Challenger whose dominating this season is Big T. She’s proving to the house she’s not one to take lightly. After Big T catches wind that Aneesa and Tori are calling the rookie girls layups, she devises a plan to get both women into elimination. Her plan comes to fruition after she wins the daily challenge with her partner C.T., giving her the power to vote in Tori and Devin while the house voted in Aneesa and Leroy. Joseph couldn’t be happier that Big T is making moves.

“I think Big T is surprising; even when I watched the episode where I went home, I didn’t even know that she was gossiping with the girls to get the votes in our favor. She went up to the girls saying Joseph says this, and Joseph says that. I had a conversation with her afterward, asking her how she pulled that off because I never said these things, but she knows how to get people emotionally invested in a way that works in her favor, and that’s one of her talents. People need to start putting respect on her now.”

During the elimination, many were surprised to see Tori struggling. In the end, Aneesa took home the W, sending her good friend home. But the OG didn’t stop there, she made another big move by partnering with Fessy once again.

“I think this elimination was a special moment for Aneesa, especially because a lot of people count her out. She’s here to compete. I think it’s great in terms of her character arc and people seeing she’s well rounded.”

Joseph’s time on The Challenge was unfortunately cut short, but the rookie made sure to leave with a bang.

“I knew there was a decent chance of me going in, So for me, it was like, if I’m going in, I’m going in and making something big out of it. I wanted to call out one of the biggest names, and I wanted to make sure if I did go in and I happened to win, I wanted it to be because I said so. I wanted for people to put respect on me, and I think regardless of how it played out, I think respect was definitely given. It’s just sad I wasn’t able to take the win.”

Even Though The America’s Got Talent alum is out of the game, Joseph is still making big moves outside of The Challenge house.

“I just had an album that came out last month called Footprints. I also linked up with Lio Rush and Jay, and we just made a song, It’s sort of like a challenge anthem.”

If you thought this would be the last time you saw Joseph on The Challenge, think again because he’s ready and eager to make his return.

“I’m just waiting, I’m just waiting for an email, call, whatever. I know the cards I have to pull to make sure that I have to punish some people, and now I know how the show works. I didn’t know how the show worked before I came on.” Said Allen.

You can catch the entire interview with Benny Adams and Joseph Allen below on Challenge Reality News.

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