Jonah Beres Dishes On The Season 2 Premiere of ‘PEN15’

 Season 2 of ‘PEN15’ is almost upon us, Jonah Beres teases what you can expect when the hit show is back on your TV screens.

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Posted On: September 17th, 2020 6:00 pm pst

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Get ready because your favorite obsession is coming back for a second round. That’s because season 2 of PEN15 premieres Friday on Hulu. That’s right, the gang is bringing back all the nostalgia we’ve come to know and love. 

PEN15 follows 2 middle school girls, Maya (Maya Erskine) and Anna (Anna Konkle)  as they juggle school, romance, and friendship during the year 2000. We last left off with Brandt (Jonah Beres) confessing his love to Maya, leading many to wonder if Brandt will be Maya’s love interest next season. 

Credit: Hulu

Beres talked with AfterBuzz TV on what it’s like working on the hit show and what we can expect for season 2. 

“There’s definitely more of Maya chasing Brandt.” Explained Beres, when teasing about Maya being a possible love interest for his character.“There are also pool parties and a lot of interesting storylines to come.” 

Since the premiere of season one, PEN15 has become an instant hit, taking viewers back in time, reliving everything that the early 2000s had to offer. The first time Jonah read the script, he knew he was a part of something big. 

 “I remember when I read the script I knew this would be gold, the subtleties in the writing, and the description of the kids… You could just tell it was going to have this certain style, and it just had this good classic vibe.”  Beres explains. 

If you’ve watched the first season of PEN15, you’ll know that both Erskine and Konkle are full- grown adults in real life, yet they do such an amazing job portraying middle schoolers, something that Beres agrees with. 

“When I heard what I was getting into, I said to myself, how is this going to work? But as soon as I pulled up to set I realized they blend in so well with the rest of the kids that were cast.”  Beres states. 

As for what hijinks these kids will get into this season, we’ll have to wait and see on Sept. 18 when PEN15 premieres on Hulu. 

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