Johnny Middlebrooks Talks Making Big Moves On ‘The Challenge: Ride Or Dies’ “I came here to make a point, and I did that”.

Johnny Middlebrooks can now add Challenger to his resume because the Love Island alum is officially a part of The Challenge Family! He’s opening up about his rookie season including, making big moves in the game and where he now stands with Ravyn Rochelle.

The Challenge is back for its 38th season, which means there is a new batch of rookies hoping to make their mark in Challenge history.

Johnny Middlebrooks did that by showing everyone he was the one to beat. Not only did he win the first daily challenge, but he also targeted the vets and had a hand in sending one home.

Johnny talked with Challenge Reality News about being able to compete on one of his favorite shows, taking a stance against the vets, and competing in an iconic elimination with a twist.


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Before entering the house, Johnny knew he did not want to play a scared game. His objective was to go after the vets hoping that the rookies could make it to the end. While his game started strong by winning the first daily challenge with his partner Ravyn and later sending Kailah and Sam into elimination, he soon painted a bigger target on his back and was later eliminated. Looking back on how he played the game, Johnny says he has no regrets.

“To be honest, I wouldn’t change a thing… I’m not going to go in here and pick off some rookies to try and play it safe. That’s what I’ve seen happen in the past, and I think that regardless of what we did, they would see us as good competitors. If the vets win, they’re going to throw rookies in.” Said Johnny.

Johnny and Ravyn ended up being one of the teams chosen to get sent into elimination, but figuring out how to avoid elimination wasn’t the only challenge the two faced. They both had a rocky friendship in the house after romance blossomed between Johnny and Narris.


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“The whole situation with Ravyn and Naris… It was frustrating, and I know it was frustrating for Ravyn also. She had her reasons to feel the way she did.” Explained Johnny. “I made my bed, I had to sleep in it, and I had to deal with the emotion that came up on Ravyn’s side. It was a little disheartening to hear her say all these things about how she felt disrespected by me and how she felt like I wasn’t there for her as a partner because personally, I didn’t feel that way at all. But I can’t tell anyone how to feel. I can’t tell anyone that their feelings aren’t valid. She didn’t feel like I was supporting her, and I’m sorry for that.”

Ultimately the duo was selected to go into elimination, but what caught them both off guard was when they found out that Tommy and Analyse decided to save the team they wanted to compete against.

“This wasn’t shown on the show, but that night at the bar, I talked to Analyse and Tommy. I let them know we need to have Ravyn, Horacio, and myself come back to the house for the rookie’s sake because we have the most chances of winning daily challenges, thus keeping rookies out of elimination altogether.” Said Johnny.”

Johnny and Ravyn ended up going against Horacio and Olivia in an updated version of one of the most iconic challenge eliminations to date, ‘Hall Brawl’

” I knew I was going to have to compete. I knew I was going to have to run someone over. It was like, I’m going go in here, and I’m going to hurt somebody. That was my mentality… And I know Horacio was thinking the same thing. That’s why we respect each other so much like that. Horacio, that’s my boy, and it was just a good, respectful, honest competition, where the Best man won.”

Johnny hopes to come back for another season, and although his time was cut short, he says he did what he needed to do.

“I came here to make a point, and I did that. If you all didn’t like it, tough luck, but I did what I came to do, and I have no regrets.”

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