Joel de la Fuente Talks “Fire From the Gods” Season 4 Episode 10 ‘The Man In The High Castle’ Review & Recap

What if World War II ended… Differently? What if the Axis won the war? What if America was the reward? Find out the answers to these questions and more on the AFTERBUZZ TV MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE AFTERSHOW PODCAST, where we break down and analyze every episode of the series. Stick around for news and gossip involving the series, as well as our special segments and predictions!

“Man in the High Castle’ ends the series with questions, hope and death. John Smith has become the Reichsfuhrer of North America after killing off Himmler and threats in Berlin. John learns Martha was most likely murdered which causes him to suspect Helen’s motives. During a confrontation with her daughter, Jennifer, Helen admits to her bystander approach to the attrocities of the Reich. Helen tries to excuse her behavior by saying, “It was a different time” and one step lead to twenty years. This moment leads to Helen calling Julianna to give her the train information for John’s trip. John and Helen are on the trin together and they have a candid arguement. John explains about the portal and how he wants to bring Alt Thomas back to their world. Helen is shocked and tells him no and that she, “wouldn’t want him to see what we have become”. Helen then goes on to tell John she worked with the resistance. Julianna and Wyatt with a team are able to blow up part of the train track which causes a crash – killing Helen. John is dazed after the accident and Helen’s death, and he kills himself after telling Julianna it is unbearable see the other versions that exist via the portal. Julianna and Wyatt go to the portal and countless unknown people arrive. The BCR is ready for the Reich attack that gets called off and their broadcast helped change the path of the resistance. Kido says farewell to his son, who goes back to Japan, and Kido joins the Yakuza as payment for his son’s debts.
Join Kari Lane, Bell Blankenship, and Rachel Goodman to discuss the SERIES FINALE where we talk with Joel de la Fuente (@joeldelafuente) about Kido’s bargain to save his son, Helen’s ultimate sacrifice to atone for her sins, and the mysterious figures that emerge from the portal.

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