Joel de la Fuente guests on The Man In The High Castle S:3 Baku; Jahr Null E:9 & E:10

 Kari Lane, Christine Alexis, and Steve Kaufman break down episodes 9 and 10 where Juliana’s attempt to stop the Nazis lands her in a precarious position; Himmler and John Smith lead a lavish celebration of Year Zero; amid a series of successes, Smith faces a setback; Kido returns to San Francisco with a prize. Joining them is special guest Joel de la Fuente!

The Man in the High Castle is an American dystopian alternate history television series produced by Amazon Studios, Scott Free, Headline Picturesand Electric Shepherd Productions. The series is based on the 1962 novel of the same name by American science fiction author Philip K. Dick. The story is an alternate history of the world in which the Axis powers won World War II. The United States has been partitioned into three parts: TheJapanese puppet state of the Pacific States of America, which comprises the former United States west of the Rocky Mountains; a Nazi puppet state that comprises the eastern half of the former United States; and a neutral zone that acts as a buffer between the two areas, called the Rocky Mountain States.

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