Joe Exotic‘s Murder for Hire Plot – Was He Framed by his Business Partners – S1 E6 ’Tiger King’ Recap & Review

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Joe Exotic has been revealed to the world and we are nonstop obsessed. TIGER KING!!!!! Join us on the TIGER KING AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we break down each episode of this crazy con-fest of a show. With discussion on what -actually- happened, to breaking down the story as we’re told it; we’ve got you covered. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date on ALL things Tiger King.

Episode Recap

Joe Exotic and Jeff Lowe have a falling out after Jeff was ordered by court to not get in trouble for a year to avoid a 179 day sentence for having cubs that were illegal, the second big charge against him after he beat his wife up. Joe bails Jeff out of prison on several occasions but when he returns to Oklahoma from Vegas, Jeff and Joe get into it about campaign spending using the Zoo’s money, on camera. Joe burns all the records to cover his tracks and then leaves the zoo to an undisclosed location he calls “Belize” yet everyone believes he is actually in Florida. Joe, along with Jeff and Allen Glover, plan to murder Carole Baskin using a crossbow while she rides her bike on the usual trail by her house. Allen is paid $3000 to carry out the murder and heads to Florida. When he gets there he chickens out and goes out partying instead. Joe eventually is arrested.
  • Al Gragg, Courtez Kirkwood, Jessie Zahner
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