Jessica Chastain’s Best Moments!

One of our favorite icons is turning 44! Over the years, Jessica Chastain has shown us phenomenal acting performances along with funny moments. Here are some of our favorite moments in honor of the actresses birthday! 

Although the long-running actress has won multiple awards for her breakthrough performances, she could not hide her surprise when she was honored with a SAG Award last month. She was in shock receiving the award for her recent work in The Eyes of Tammy Faye, telling a reporter that she had been studying this role for seven years and to be recognized for her effort is incredible. The film star also received a Critics Choice Awards last week marking her second win in the best actress category.


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The chemistry Chastain has with her Scenes from a Marriage co-star, Oscar Issac, is just wholesome, but we cannot leave without mentioning that their viral exchange at the Venice Film Festival was steamy. Everyone went to social media going crazy about the mishap of Isaac kissing Chastain’s armpit. Chastain later responded, tweeting a scene from Addams Family portraying Gomez kissing Morticia’s arm. The actor duo are college buddies from Juilliard and have also previously played a couple’s role in A Most Violent Year. Issac also appeared in one of Chastain’s TikTok’s where she attempted to convince Issac to get a TikTok account as well.

The film star not only acts, but is also a Girl Boss producing an all-women-lead action movie, The 355. The casts were selected by Chastain herself, gathering the dream team. The female spy group is star-studded with renowned and diverse actresses such as Peneope Cruz, Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger, and Fan Bingbing. She and her fellow actresses worked on raising the money independently and being their own women bosses. Her action scenes really show how dedicated she is in her realistic performances. While filming, the actress injured herself after a stunt scene but told James Corden that she took a few more takes before heading to the hospital. What a badass!


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She has been giving us the content we want not only on Instagram, but on TikTok as well! She never fails to slay and be funny at the same time.

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The star will be playing another Tammy role in an upcoming series called George & Tammy showing more of her talented singing. Chastain will be playing Tammy Wynette who sang alongside her, then husband, George Jones. The duo became a country music power couple also known as C&W. We cannot wait to see Jessica Chastain take our breath away like she always does with her performance!

Happy Birthday Jessica Chastain, we can’t wait to celebrate more moments in the future!

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