Jersey Shore S:6 | The Icing on the Cake; Reunion E:13 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Jersey Shore edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of MTV’s Jersey Shore. It’s is AfterBuzz TV’s first ever edition and there is no shortage of the Jersey Shore’s madness on this podcast as host Erika “E-Vite” Vieira breaks down the episodes “The Icing on the Cake; Reunion” in which, as the roommates’ final summer in Seaside Heights comes to a close in the series finale, the roommates plan a bonfire party at the beach. At the bonfire, Sammi and Ronnie declare to their parents that they are moving in together, much to their parent’s chagrin, with them disapproving their decision, reminding them of all their fights. Pauly, Vinny, and the Situation go to the Shore Store one last time to work, with the Situation choosing not to work and sleep, causing Danny to get annoyed. Vinny and Pauly decide to take Sam and Ron’s bed to the roof because of Sammi’s earlier prank on the boys, however, they pop the inflatable bed. Upon finding out, Ron gets extremely mad and blames it on Sammi, causing another fight, thus causing them to question their relationship. Sammi and JWoww start baking food for Pauly and the Situation’s birthdays, and even pick up a cake for the Situation from Paula. The next day, the gang go tanning, but discover that Paula had made a guy put his testicles on the cake, and even have a picture to prove it. Mike calls her to ask her if it is true, but she ‘pretends’ to not hear him, thus confirming the cake, causing the Situation to throw and break the duck phone. On the final day at the Shore, the roommates reminisce about how they’ve changed since their fist time at the Shore house. The roommates acknowledge that they are ‘family’ and now have friends for life. The series ends with Danny putting a Rent sign up on the shore house and an “In memoriam” for the duck phone. Later, the cast reunites to talk about their final summer at the shore. There to help E-Vite is co-host Phil “The Thrill” Svitek. It’s Jersey Shore’s “The Icing on the Cake; Reunion” podcast!

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