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AFTERBUZZ TV – Jersey Shore edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of MTV’s Jersey Shore. In tonight’s show, the host Keven “Kwow” Undergaro and co-host Phil “The Thrill” Svitek celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without the rest of the crew. Special correspondent Mari “The Scoop” Fagel calls in to keep them on track of the discussion of the Situation dominated episode, “A House Divided” in which Vinny treats Snooki to burgers; however, to Snooki’s dismay, Vinny uses their tete-a-tete as a venue for discussing his sexual exploits from the night before. Shortly thereafter, Vinny undergoes an anxiety-ridden ear piercing at the T-shirt shop, and Pauly announces that Vinny looks “fresh to death” (the onlookers ostensibly concur). That night, after Pauly and the newly bejeweled Vinny heckle Deena for her denim-heavy attire, the crew ventures to Aztec. Meanwhile, Sam and Ronnie remain at home. Sam apologizes for having texted Arvin and insists that their relationship is platonic; Ronnie accepts, and the two sleep together. Some time later, Pauly and Vinny reluctantly return from the club with a suboptimal selection of females. Vinny, pierced and assertive, eventually evicts the girls and attempts to drag Snooki across the floor to his bedroom, aggravating her and their inchoate romance. The next morning, Ronnie’s mother calls the house and, thoroughly intoxicated, complains to Mike about her lack of trust in Ron’s girlfriend. After Ron returns home, Mike suggests to him that Sam’s relationship with Arvin is suspicious. But Sam interrupts their summit, and the house quickly divides along gender lines. As the episode ends, Ronnie discovers from Arvin himself that Sam has lied about the nature of her relationship. He storms out to confront the lover who, he proclaims, is “the biggest liar in the world.” It’s also the first time the AfterBuzz TV Jersey Shore edition is on video. It’s Jersey Shore’s “House Divided” episode.

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