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AFTERBUZZ TV – Jersey Shore edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of MTV’s Jersey Shore. In tonight’s show, the host Keven “Kwow” Undergaro and co-host Phil “The Thrill” Svitek go WAY off topic and NBC’s Maria Menounos and the rest of the AfterBuzz TV management has to step in and almost fire them. Luckily co-hosts Roxy “Rookie” Striar, Chelsea “C-Pop” Cannell, and Ian Keiser Sose (who returns to season 3 just in time for the finale) keep the show slightly on topic: tonight’s episode “At the End of the Day,” which, after Ronnie calls Arvin (to find out that Sammi has been cheating on Ronnie with Arvin) a angry Ronnie confronts Sam. She goes to the phone and confronts Arvin, who says they did kiss, but she says they didn’t. After a heated argument, Ronnie angrily hangs up the phone, leaving Ronnie “feeling like a fool.” Sammi confesses that a few years ago she did hook up with Arvin, and apologizes, but Ronnie leaves her by herself anyway. Ron, Snooki, and Vinny are working on the last day, but Ronnie decides to “sleep” on the job, only for Danny to spill water on him. The gang get ready for a night at the shore store where Danny is barbecuing. There, they meet up with friends and family, such as JWoww’s dad, Snooki’s friend, Danielle, and Pauly’s friends from home, (Biggie and Jerry), as well as Roger and Deena’s friend Lisa and her uncle. Pauly DJs while Vinny wants to hook up with Lisa, but Deena becomes stubborn and takes Lisa away rom Vinny. Deena and Vinny argue, as Vinny calls her “Angelina” starting some drama between them. Mike apologizes for being nosy to Sammi, and she accepts wondering while he was so nosy. The guys hit it up at Karma, where Roger and JWoww become a couple. Snooki hooks up with Nick one last time; Ron and Sam get into a new fight for the summer to everyone’s unpleasantness. Ronnie and Sammi question weather they will get back together or not, leading to them just staying friends–for now. The guys prepare to leave, while Ron regrets ever dating Sammi. They all say their goodbyes and leave the Shore again. Special correspondent Mari “The Scoop” Fagel calls in to defend her good name and Kristina Cartwright delivers the deep dish on Vinny as a college roommate in this week’s A La Carte with Kristina Cartwright. Check it out on It’s Jersey Shore’s “At The End of the Day” episode.

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