Jericho Season 1 Episode 9 ‘Servant’ Review & Recap

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After the death of their baby and the ‘cure’ of using a ‘Reborn Doll’ to get out of a catatonic state, we’re following the rising nanny-suspicion, creepy visuals, and fall from or to dementia. Join THE SERVANT AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW as we’re discussing each episode of M. Night Shymalan’s foray into TV. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

In a flashback heavy episode, Jericho’s fate is finally revealed when we discover his cause of death was due to Dorothy’s unintentional negligence. Baby Jericho had been left in the Turner’s car for several hours after Dorothy returned home from running errands on a hot summer day. The tragic aftermath that followed was unbearable as Dorothy discovers her fatal mistake. With Leanne aware of Dorothy’s role in the death of Jericho, she mentally abuses Dorothy and perhaps even poisons her in an attempt to further remove Jericho from his “mother.” Still unable to taste, Sean uses food once again to have a heart-to-heart with Leanne over his role in the death of his child and why Leanne should go easy on Dorothy.
  • Hosts Brandon Hanna (@brandonhanna07), James Maple (@terrelljamesmaple), Kay Montgomery (@hostkay), and LaToya Blakely (@latoya.blakely) break down Servant: Season 1 – Episode 9, “Jericho.” Join them as they discuss finally discovering what happened to Jericho, the possibility of Leanne poisoning Dorothy, and Sean and Leanne having a heart-to-heart. This week features a new special segment of BTS (Behind-the-Servant) where share some behind-the-scenes levity in which the cast used to help cope with the dark tone of the show. We also share some news and gossip regarding M. Night Shyamalan potentially developing a new script!

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