Jaw Dropping Moments From RHONJ Season 11 Episode 7

The midseason finale of Real Housewives of New Jersey happened Wednesday night and it was definitely a rollercoaster!

I cannot believe we are at the midseason of Real Housewives of New Jersey already!

Wednesday night’s episode was such a rollercoaster, my head was spinning the entire time! Let’s get into the two jaw-dropping moments that I’m sure had you on the edge of your seat just like me!

Teresa & Jackie FINALLY Squash Their Beef:

Okay I know I’ve been saying that I want Teresa and Jackie to squash everything all season but it finally happened! It took a huge explosion, a lot of crying, and a flying cheese platter but it finally happened, and that’s all that matters right?!

Last week’s episode ended with Joe and Melissa Gorga exploding on Teresa. Wednesday’s episode picked up there but luckily it didn’t last. The three of them hugged it out and everyone encouraged Teresa to squash the fighting with Jackie. She didn’t do it that nice as emotions were still high and Jackie was hysterical but luckily they decided to make it up the next morning before Jackie’s husband arrived. Teresa also apologized to him when he arrived and everyone had a great day full of water activities!

Margaret & Jennifer Are Fighting Now:

With one squashed beef comes another explosive beef! When everything seemed to be going well, Jennifer and Margaret got into an argument because Margaret felt that Jennifer was stirring the pot by telling Teresa that Margaret’s husband said that he heard the Jackie and Evan rumor as well.

Insults were thrown as Margaret talked about Jennifer’s drinking and her marriage and Jennifer talked about Margaret’s past. I don’t know if these two women will ever see eye to eye but let’s hope for the best!

The episode ended by showing us the midseason trailer and it looks like things are only going to get bigger as Melissa and Joe’s marriage is tested, and a whole lot more seems to happen amongst the cast!

New episodes of Real Housewives of New Jersey air every Wednesday night at 9pm!

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