Jacob Knight Jr. guest on “Loose Lips Sink Deals” Season 1 Episode 4 ‘Love & Listings’ Review

We have a special guest on tonight’s episode…Jacob Knight!! He fills us in on his relationship with his dad and what he does outside of real estate. We talk about the Andrew and Anjani rumor and what is possibly brewing between Jacob and Sarah. Comment your thoughts below! 

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About Love & Listings: In “Love & Listings,” Suge Jacob Knight, son of infamous hip-hop producer Suge Knight, is determined to forge his own path and start his journey of becoming a real estate mogul in Southern California. In between closing $1 million deals, the lines between business and pleasure blur and drama ensues when celebrities look to Knight and his team of elite real estate agents to buy and sell their Hollywood dream homes. Knight struggles under the weight of his father’s name and reputation but strives to rise in the ranks of LA’s competitive and ruthless real estate game.