It’s Men vs. Women – S1 E2 ‘Win the Wilderness’ Recap & After Show

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     What’s grander than surviving the wilds of mother nature in Alaska? Doing it with your significant other. Join the WIN IN THE WILDERNESS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW as we explore the rugged Alaskan wilderness! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

Couples continue to compete for a chance to go to Osi mountain and see the legacy that Dwayne and Rena built. The men and women are split into separate groups and are given the challenge to navigate the trails solely depending on their ability to read land, a map, and a compass. The woman end up beating the men as the woman are more collaborative in the teamwork and the men’s egos get a bit in the way as far as leading goes. Couple Bee and Theo both do an outstanding job leading their teams and have a great sense of navigation. The second challenge is at a shooting range. It is essential to learn how to shoot to survive in Alaska. Mark and Emily are the chosen couple to visit Osi mountain and share their truth with Dwayne and Rena.
  • Hosts:  Kay Montgomery, Ashmin Ram, Mike Thieling

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