It’s a Vegetarians Dream – S17 E4 ‘Top Chef’ Recap & Review

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Top Chef has always been in a cooking show staple, and we’ve got you covered week after week. Each week, on the TOP CHEF AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW our hosts is here the incredible recipes, fierce competitors, and delicious concoctions. From flan to flame-grilled burgers, we’re covering everything, and we’re here to make sure YOU don’t miss a thing.

Things are HEATING UP in Top Chef All Stars with our (non-bakers) Dozen – that’s right, 12 cheftestants are left to chop and sauté their hearts out in this tasty competition.

After a colorful quickfire featuring a human rainbow named Kelly Clarkson, the chefs do what all bougie Angelenos do on a Sunday morning (OURSELVES INCLUDED) and hit the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Their tasked with rustling up a vegetarian feast for some discerning normies – oh and our beloved Head Judges. Tom and his Whitewalker eyes are DISPLEASED with some chefs’ choices, while Padma has an issue with the purple gnocci.

Who will butternut the judges up to ensure victory and who will never go on a trip to Belgium because she now hates Brussels (Sprouts) forever?! WATCH AND LETS FIND OUT!

Today’s show was hosted by Anne and David Gordon.

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