It wouldn’t be a Housewives party if there wasn’t at least a little drama!

As the ladies of OC headed to Palm Springs for Braunwyn’s vowel renewal, little did they know, drama was coming with them! Let’s get into this episode!

Braunwyn Meets With Her Mom

Braunwyn has been very open about how she and her mom have never had the traditional mother-daughter relationship; they’ve had quite a few ups and downs. Right now in the season, Braunwyn isn’t happy with her mom because she said her mom uses her drinking addiction as a weapon against her.

Braunwyn met with her mom the day before her vowel renewal because she said she hasn’t seen her in a while and wanted to get any awkwardness out of the way. She also said that she never wants to keep her kids from seeing her.

Kelly Makes Comments About Braunwyn’s Drinking

Some of the ladies decided to take a van together to Braunwyn’s vowel renewal and while on the way, as a heads up, Gina let them know that Braunwyn wasn’t going to have tequila at the renewal because it’s her trigger.

Kelly made quite a few comments about her making that decision and said Braunwyn shouldn’t punish everyone else because she’s an alcoholic. Gina and Emily’s husband Sean said that she was being insensitive and making jokes about a real issue someone’s going through.

Shannon Gets Upset With Kelly

At the renewal, Kelly brought her friend and business partner since her fiancé (now husband) couldn’t make it. Kelly approached Shannon and told her to tell her friend/business partner about her “water” company that she’s starting.

Shannon took offense to it because Kelly has a water company and she felt like Kelly was trying to throw a bit of a dig and make it seem like Shannon is trying to compete with her. Besides, Shannon isn’t starting a water company, she is starting a business that sells healthy tinctures.

The episode ends with “To Be Continued…” as Shannon confronts Kelly.

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