It Hasn‘t Stopped Season 2 Episode 1 ’Surviving R. Kelly’ Recap & Review

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Join us for the SURVIVING R. KELLY AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW where we break down and discuss every story and detail of R. Kelly’s behavior, actions, and more as more and more women come forward. We’ll be covering the episodes every single week bringing insider knowledge and exclusive news and gossip. Subscribe and rate with a comment for a shout out and stay up to date with everything Surviving R. Kelly!

Episode Recap

Season 2 Episode 1: Interviews with R. Kelly’s brothers, inmate Bruce Kelly and younger brother Carey Kelly giving personal accounts of their childhood molestation from a “close relative” and a neighborhood man, Mr. Henry. They recall in uncomfortable detail the very beginning of Kelly’s indecent exposure to sex at the tender age of 6. The episode focused on one of his underaged victims, Faith Rogers and her parents. They give shocking accounts of the disturbing threats and torment Kelly and his “handlers” have put them through, which triggered Faith’s epileptic seizure. At the first premiere of “Surviving R. Kelly,” we learned that the event was brought to an abrupt stop with a threat from an “unknown source” which made everyone evacuate and Kelly’s victims ran scared back to their hotel rooms. R. Kelly’s caucasian Manager sister-duo denies all allegations of sexual abuse and supports the ghost account “Surviving Lies” which slams and exploits nude photos of every victim that comes forward. It shows viewers that Kelly will stop at nothing to silence his victims and keep them under his control.
  • Hosts Angele Taylor and Jeroslyn Jovonn end with the juicy fight between Kelly’s current girlfriends, which was posted Live between Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage. Let us know how you feel about Azriel’s new stance against her now ex-boyfriend R. Kelly as she moves out of his home!
  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Angele Taylor (@angeletaylor_ ) and Jeroslyn Jovonn (@jeroslyndiva)

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