It’s a Jeremy Renner-vation! Avenger Gifts Home Makeover to Mom

In the Renner family, Valerie, a.k.a. Me-ma, is the real superhero! She does everything for everyone, and she started serving her family early, having had Jeremy in her teens with a slew of other kiddos to follow. With her family having relocated from Modesto down to Southern California, it was time for Me-Ma to have a place to call home near her beloved grandkids.

Renner says: “What I want to give my mom is a home, this is where we’re going to have Christmases, memories being made for as long as you’d like.” He says what he wants to give her is a lifestyle.

This proud Mama’s boy met Jonathon and Andrew Scott with a pretty clear idea of what he had in mind. Jeremy has done design and real estate, and with his construction background, The Property Brothers joked that he could accomplish solo what they offered combined.

This house was basically a disco chamber of a condo, with more mirrored walls than any person would need. We can only assume the first owner must have been in love with themselves, because their reflection would be everywhere they looked!

They began this major home makeover by removing several mirrored walls, and then adding a new support beam for endurance. They really opened this space up, transforming it beyond all recognition.

A beautiful main focal point was adding a stunning, state-of-the-art fireplace in the lounging quarters. This custom, built-in fireplace is accompanied by high-quality, wide, plank, hardwood floors in a neutral tone. This flooring adds consistency, runs throughout in a welcoming flow. It really helps a smaller space feel spacious.

The wood floor exception is found in this jaw-dropping tile entrance. Jeremy is very pleased with the tile choice for the entrance. He says: “It has a classic Hollywood feel. And It keeps with the aesthetic of this beautiful, traditional, modernized home. The triangular, check-alternative pattern really gives this tile the grandest entrance anyone could have dreamed up, and really turned this space into a room all of its own!”

Jeremy offered his superhero moves to demo; alongside The Scotts, he literally knocked it out, in no-time-flat!

The kitchen was absolutely unrecognizable by the time these three were done with it. This space was designed for family gathering, baking with grandkids, and really is the heart of this home. Starting with a sensational porcelain countertop, keeping it very classy but also offering durability, necessary for a space that will have rambunctious children running around, and with zero maintenance required for dear Me-Ma.

All about that lifestyle! They went with two tone cabinets in the open kitchen, white uppers and navy lowers, and a huge island large enough to seat every grandchild during cookie baking with Me-Ma. They finished this elegant space off with a farmhouse style sink, and gorgeous, antique, brass hardware. Keeping MeMa’s traditional taste, but with modernized and contemporary flow. Countertops are the bling on top of the kitchen. – Jonathan

For furnishing and accessory details, they kept with a neutrals palette. Lots of whites, beiges, grays and a few chocolate wood details that really pull it all together. This continues even into the newly renovated bedroom areas.

Jeremy considers himself a pretty tactile guy and is quite pleased with the final selection. He says: “All the choices that we’ve made with the colors, and the choices have exceeded what I anticipated, and I’m glad that we chose what we chose.”

Jeremy leads his Mom into this surprise renovated home, and she truly doesn’t think she is in the right house! He asks her “What is it that you wanted to change about this house?” Valerie replies “I don’t think this is my house, Jeremy.” There is crying, and warm embraces all around. When The Brothers asked Valerie her thoughts, she said she feels fancy.

I’d say this is a success story in the honoring of a matriarch of a family who is still serving others. She deserves to feel fancy!

The Property Brothers have done it again!

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