Is love in the air?!- S1 E15 ‘All Rise’ Review & Recap

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Join us as we take a journey inside the Courtroom. If you think criminals are the only people with messy lives, think again. On THE ALL RISE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, we’ll be breaking down all the plots straight from the court As Judge Lola Carmichael sets off on her career as a judge. Subscribe for discussions, special segments, and news! Susbcribe to stay up to date!

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 Tonight’s episode had all the feels! After hooking up, Amy and Mark have to decide what’s next for their relationship and choose to take a chance on their love. Luke surprises Emily with a grand Valentine’s gesture that hits a little too close to home and reminds her of her marriage to her abusive Ex. We also join him on his first day at the D.A.’s office- he has a lot to learn!  Meanwhile, Lola is asked by Judge Benner to investigate her history for any potentially harmful facts. All roads lead to a case involving Benner’s work with an unethical law firm.

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