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Things are really getting tough for Slippin’ Jimmy as we head into Better Call Saul! If you’re not up to date, catch up! This show is amazing; and we’re here every week to talk about it on the BETTER CALL SAUL After Show! How will we end up where Breaking Bad Begins?! Where’s Kim!? What is Mike going to do next? Join us weekly for predictions, discussion, analysis and guest interviews! Subscribe and comment for a shout out and make sure to stay tuned for all the news and updates on the show!

Episode Recap

Tonight’s episode of Better Call Saul had a simple plot and simple title: “Bagman”. Lalo asks Saul to go retrieve his $7 million at the Mexico border (31.6 miles near a well to be precise) and pick up the money from Lalo’s twin cousins. Saul agrees to pick up the money for $100,000. At home, Saul (Jimmy) tells Kim about the pick-up and she tells him “I don’t want you to do it”. Saul hugs Kim goodbye and tells her everything will be fine.
CUT TO Saul at the well. The cousins show up, drop the money in two bags at Saul’s feet, and leave. While Saul is driving back singing a version of “99 bottles of beer on the wall” and being pulled over by other members of the cartel. Held at gunpoint it feels like the men are going to take the $7 million, until Mike comes to the rescue- shooting all but one man. The one man escapes in a red truck.
Unfortunately, both Saul and Mike’s cars were hit in the shootout and are not drive-able. Saul and Mike have to walk back on foot 31.4 miles carrying the money! All the while, the red truck is driving around like a vulture scouting prey.
Meanwhile, Kim goes to speak with LALO because Saul never made it home. Lalo learns Kim is married to Saul and she is officially “in the game”.
Saul and Mike continue to walk and Saul eventually gives up. He can’t take it. He grabs a reflecting object and runs straight at the red truck scouting as Mike SHOOTS the driver dead. They live to fight another day and continue their uncertain trek.
This show was hosted by Ryan Nilsen, Sean McHugh, Gabbi Castinia, and Loren Kling!

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