Is Devs Creating the Future? – S1 E6 ‘Devs’ Recap & Review

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When cutting edge technology can pave the way for progress in more ways than one, he who holds the power can make choices that affect everyone. Join us every single week as we break down each episode of this phenomenal series. With plot discussion and character breakdowns and analysis, subscribe to the DEVS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST to stay up to date.

In the Episode 6 of Devs Lily and Jamie approach Forest at his house. Surprisingly Katie is staying with Forest and both are awaiting both. After Katie and Forest are separating Lily and Jamie from each other, Katie openly explains to Lily what Devs is all about while Forest is trying to get closer to Jamie winning him over by talking about loved ones they lost. Lily doesn’t believe Katie and refuses Katie’s statement of Lily being at Devs the next night as she would play an important in a breakdown of human kind that is about to happen. While both are leaving Forest and Katie, Kenton is sitting in his car observing now assuming that they are all working against him together. Back home Lily invites Jamie to sleep in her bed and Jamie is finally having his love of his life back.
  • Host: Ashley Dior Jones (@ashleydiorjones), Tyler Simone (@misstylersimone) and Benjamin Schnau (@benjaminschnau)

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