Interview w/ Tamara Loehr

Host Timothy Rodriguez interviews Tamara Loehr on our Mini Spotlight series about her new book Balance is BS.

Confronting head-on that the “work-life balance” doesn’t actually work, Tamara has figured out a new solution after more than 20 years as a global entrepreneur. She outlines how to ditch expectations, uphold one’s values and embrace a work-life blend. “Balance is B.S.” is a handbook, with practical exercises, designed to change the mindsets of women in the U.S. who are the primary breadwinners of their households.

“Balance is B.S” is designed to inspire all employed women – entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, etc. – who are the primary earners in their households, juggling work and personal commitments. Regardless of career trajectory or level of earning, the book is inclusive to all working women – married, single, in same-sex relationships and with or without children. Tamara speaks into a variety of topics and provides expert real life advice in her book — including: “How to ditch balance and get people on board with blending”; “How to cope with pressure and keep your financial promises,”; “How to get over guilt and be the parent you want to be”; “How to foster friendships that bring out your best,” and many more. The book also includes exercises designed to help the reader identify their values, and re-asses their lives. A portion of the book sales proceeds will go to the Global Giving Initiative, B1G1, to provide business loans to women in developing countries (Buy1Give1).

“My new book calls the ‘B.S.’ on ‘balance’ and presents a different way,” says Tamara, “giving women permission to blend their work and personal lives together without getting burned out. Women are increasing their expectations in their careers, but are not adjusting their expectations around their partners, parenting and personal lives.”

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