Interview w/ Lauren Chamblin (LC) | Love is Blind Lately

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What are the struggles that go along with being a teen mom? On the TEEN MOM AFTER SHOW, we answer that question and more as we follow the moms as they navigate their lives through relationships, jobs, friendships, and hardships after being teen moms. We’ve got you covered as we give our opinions on the show and serve up the tea on what is happening in the teen mom universe. AfterBuzz TV’s All Things Teen Mom show has you covered on discussing every latest episode of Teen Mom and all it’s spinoffs!
Lauren finds the dating scene in Atlanta very awkward and shallow. With social media and dating apps right at everyone’s fingertips, she feels it’s way too easy to find one thing wrong and just bail. At 28, she finally has a stable job that she loves and is ready to find someone who wants to do more than just to go out to bars all the time. When Lauren meets someone in person from a dating app, she has already had so much time to build them up in her head, and create this perfect image of who she is expecting them to be, that when she meets them her expectations fall short. Lauren definitely says that getting engaged without ever seeing someone makes her nervous, but she is so ready to find her person and believes she will be able to find someone this way.

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