Inside What’s Happening with Teresa and Jackie on ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’

Season 11 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey may only be on episode 4, but the drama hasn’t held back! We have a breakdown of one of the biggest drama points, Theresa and Jackie’s feud. 

We’re only four episodes into the season and the drama is already heating up! If you are a huge housewives watcher and fan (like myself), then you know Jackie and Teresa have had an up and down relationship so far. If you are a little bit behind, here is a breakdown of their feud this season that happens to be the main topic of every episode at the moment. Let’s get into it!

So right now, we’re coming to the end of the girls trip to Lake George. Since Jackie and her husband are mad at Teresa, she decided that she was going to skip the trip. Now, why is Jackie mad at Teresa? Well, let me tell you!

In episode one, Jackie invited close friends, family, and all of the ladies to a small birthday party for her husband. While mingling, Teresa told her brother, Melissa, and Margaret that she heard a rumor that Jackie’s husband cheats. Jackie heard about what Teresa said from one of her friends who overheard it at the party and she was UPSET!!

She decided to sit down with Teresa at Margaret’s house and instead of them squashing it, they got into a big back and forth and Jackie made a jaw-dropping analogy about Teresa’s daughter to prove a point. Things exploded and they are currently at odds. Teresa has no interest in apologizing for sharing the rumor, Jackie has no interest in apologizing for the analogy and all of the other ladies are sort of in the middle.

I personally like them both in their own way and I really think that they could have a nice friendship if they can get through their problems with each other. I don’t know what’s in store for these ladies in the upcoming episodes but I hope this breakdown helps catch you up!

BTW, I’m loving the growth the group is showing so far! Besides the current feud, all of the ladies are having fun with each other, squashing old feuds, and having a good time!

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey airs every Wednesday night at 9 pm and I of course will be here to spill all of the details!

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