Informer S:1 The Master Plan E:6 Review

What an entertaining season finale, we discover who the lead of the Terrorist Cell is, the truth about Charlie, who shot up Cafe 66 and how Raza’s life unravels right before him. Please join our hosts in this very emotional and climatic season finale of Informer with our hosts, Cristal McLaughlin, Mina Wahab, Louiza Shar and Tehran Von-ghasri.

Raza Shar’s encounter with Gabe Waters and Holly Morten will change his life forever. Will he survive the espionage and intrique? Or will be fall to the side like those before him. Join us on the INFORMER AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW for coverage of this series and all of it’s episodes. We’ll break down plots, character development, and more! Subscribe and Comment to stay up to date for future seasons!

“Informer” is a thrilling six-part drama series starring Paddy Considine, Nabhaan Rizwan and Bel Powley in the lead roles. The series follows Raza Shar, a second generation British-Pakistani man from East London, and his unexpected encounter with Gabe Waters and Holly Morten, who work as counterterrorism officers. The unlikely trio works together towards mutual benefits when Raza becomes an informer for the officers. The drama explores the complexities of the themes of identity, family and expectations.

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