‘In the Dark’ Weekly: How the Cast Has Been Doing Quartaining

Perry Mattfeld, Casey Deidrick, Brooke Markham and the whole cast of ‘In the Dark’ are making it through quarantine. 

The cast and crew of In the Dark are getting ready to film season 3 of the show in Canada. With the current COVID-19 protocol they all have to be quarantined for two weeks before they can begin filming.

While they all seem to be excited for this upcoming season it’s going to be different from the last two. Their first table for episode 1 took place on Friday and was held virtually as they are still quarantining.

Perry Mattfeld who plays Murphy did a q & a on her Instagram to help pass the time and share behind the scenes information with fans!

She shares that playing Murphy has helped with her own self esteem and confidence. “She is so bold and unapologetically herself and that has helped me a lot as Perry.”

A fan asked if she is anything like her character Murphy in real life, she says she hopes she isn’t as mean as her character, but says that they are both sarcastic, goofy, and eat and drink a lot.

She even opens up about how nerves affect her when acting saying, “I get extremely nervous, I get very sweaty. It’s not good.”

The biggest question for fans of the show is will Murphy get back together with Max. While she didn’t answer the question, she just zoomed in on her face as she stared off into the distance, we can only hope that means yes! Casey Deidrick who plays Max reposted her video with a shrugging emoji.

Thursday looks to have been a rough one for Mattfeld as she posted a photo of Amy Adams in a spacesuit holding up a sign that says “HUMAN.” She captioned it “quarantine day 10.”

Deidrick had some fun on his Instagram during quarantine posting a video of him “hanging out” with Drake. It was just Drake’s GIF dancing to God’s Plan in his backyard. Oh the things you do during quarantine!

Brooke Markham also known as Jess on In the Dark shared photos and videos of her enjoying time with her dog, Casper during her quarantine. She even admitted that she hides from him up on her fire escape.

Filming is set to begin on Monday in Toronto for season 3!

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