‘In the Dark’ Has Begun Filming Season 3

The CW’s ‘In the Dark’ has started filming season 3, here’s what we know so far!

After the cast and crews two week quarantine, to follow the new coronavirus protocol, filming for season 3 of In the Dark has just begun this week!

The cast of the show has been sharing behind the scene glimpses on social media, making fans even more excited to see what will happen on this season of the show.

Perry Mattfeld who plays the lead character Murphy Mason showed off her chair with the caption “Day 1 of season 3.”

Later on she shared a photo of her all masked up on set. Mattfeld jokes that her face shield looks like a dog cone but that it is so worth it to be back filming.

Brooke Markham showed off her “dog cone” selfie on her Instagram as well. It shows fans of the show that everyone on set is taking the covid-19 protocols very seriously.

Morgan Krantz gave all the Felix fans a sneak peak of his new hat for season 3. He says the hat is hit!

Matt Murray who plays Gene, Dean’s partner shared a boomerang of him and his dog in his trailer on set. He captioned the video “first day on the job and look at him lazy Lima bean!”

There is no set date for when season 3 of In the Dark will start airing on the CW but cast members have been saying they hope it will be ready for release early next year.

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